Late Returns

It is really important that all slings are returned on the day they are due, if you would like to extend a hire, please Email Us

If you cannot get to a library session or return a sling by the agreed time please let us know as soon as possible.

Whilst we understand family life is unpredictable its worth noting that by not returning on time or not at all, you are potentially costing the library a new hire or available sling, this can be detrimental to the survival of this voluntary service, so think carefully, we run only through the money raised through hiring, without this, the service may not be able to run.

If you do not return your carrier at the agreed session without pre-arrangement we will charge a £5 admin fee and automatically renew your hire until the next library session. The admin fee and hire charge will be automatically collected via your card stored with us on stripe. If the carrier is not returned to the next session and no contact made, the same fee will be taken again and will continue to do so for each missed session until contact is made and/or the carrier is returned. If we do not hear from you within 1 month of the original hire ending, we will consider the carrier lost and claim all costs incurred. We may reduce or waive late fees at our discretion.  If you are unable to return your carrier by the agreed date due to Library staff illness or holidays, we will extend your loan period for free and agree a new returns due date with you. All costs in relation to late fees and non-returned carriers will be sought via small claims court if necessary.