Babywearing Consultations

(In the Norwich and North Norfolk area)


I’m pleased to say I am now offering babywearing consultations having completed a babywearing consultants course with The school of babywearing.

If you want to learn about carrying your child, whether you’re still pregnant and preparing or have a toddler that wants to be carried when tired, then a consultation may be the right thing for you. I offer one to one learning or you can bring your partner or possibly friend if pre arranged. I can show you right from the beginning if your just starting out or help build upon your existing skills if you want to add different styles of carries/carriers to your repertoire.

Why book a consultation?

The sling library and meet are great rescourses and if you already have some babywearing experience the 10 or so minutes we have to show you a carrier may be enough for you to feel confident but often carrying your baby in a sling can feel a little overwhelming.  Spending one to one time with a trained babywearing consultant helps to not only build on your knowlege and improve your technique so you can be comfortable using your carrier but helps you carry your child with confidence. Whether you’ve never used a carrier before and want to start your babywearing journey or you’ve been carrying a while and want to improve your skills or learn a new carry a consultation could be perfect.

Consultation Options

An introduction to carrying. Newborn to 3 months

This option is aimed at new parents and parents to be. It’s good to be prepared so this makes a great antenatal babywearing consultation looking at the different ways you can carry your newborn and the different styles of slings that are available. I will start by showing you the different slings that work with newborns, explaining the pros and cons of each style then go into detailed demonstrations with 1 or 2 styles depending on your choices. This will last around 90 minutes and cost £30 for one person (or couple) or £40 if you want to share the consultation with a friend. If you choose to have your consultation before baby is born then I offer a free 30 minute follow up once baby arrives.

An introduction to carrying. 3 months plus

This option is similar to an introduction to carrying a new born but the style of sling you might find more comfortable may change between 3 and 6 months. We will start by looking at the different  sling styles available and decide which one or two you would like to look at in-depth then teach you the skills to comfortably and safely carry your child. This will last around 90 minutes and costs £30 for one person or couple. Due to the amount of options on offer this isn’t available to book with a friend.

Exploring soft structured carriers (SSC) and Asian style carriers

With this option we will be looking at buckled carriers (ssc) and Asian style carriers such as Mei tai’s, Podaegi’s and wrap conversions. We will look at your choice of front, hip or back carries mainly covering one area but we can look at a second if time allows. This will last around 1 hour and costs £20 for one person. Partners can attend for free or bring a friend with prior arrangement for £30.

Exploring woven wraps

Woven wraps come in so many sizes and blends with a huge variety of ways to use them. This option will allow us to explore some of the carries we can do with woven wraps. All sizes of wrap are available and we can cover either front, hip or back carries. We can cover three different carries with a one to one session for £30 or two carries if you want to bring a friend for £40. If you come with a friend you must both learn the same carries. This session will last approximately 90 minutes.

Using ring slings

Using a ring sling can take some practice but it’s a fantastic go to and quick to use once you know what you are doing. Ring slings can be used on the front from birth, hip from around 4 months and back carries from around 6 months depending on the child. A one to one session will cost £20  and last approximately 1 hour. Partners are welcome in the one to one or to bring a friend is £30

Tandem carrying

If you have twins or a small age gap between children you may find you want to carry both at the same time. This is a very individual style with so many options available so is only available as a one to one session or with a partner. This option costs £30 and will last 90 minutes to 2 hours or you can book 2 sessions (newborn with follow up 90 minute consultation) for £50


Pop in session

If you’re confident with what you’re doing, maybe you’ve have a previous consultation but need some tips with a new carry I offer a quick 1/2 hour appointment for £10 for one person.


I am located just outside of North Walsham but can sometime co ordinate Norwich based consultations whilst I’m in Norwich . You can come to me or I can come to you for petrol costs at £0.20 per mile (there and back)

Please send an email enquiry to or use the contact form