Instructional Videos

There are many different ways to babywear, and many ways to tie a wrap or Mei Tai. Below is a list i have compiled of the best youtube clips that will show you how to do each carry and help you gain confidence.

REMEMBER: When tying a wrap using front,hip or back carry methods using a stretchy wrap there needs to be at LEAST 2 layers.

Other Babywearing Source Video’s

Stretch wrap tutorials

Pocket/Pre tie Cross Carry (PWCC) with Stretch wrap

Pocket/pre tie carry, off centre carry
Pocket/pre tie carry with sideways seated

Breast feeding with a stretchy wrap

Buckle carrier tutorials and tips

How to Put a Newborn in a Manduca Carrier suitable from newborn

Connecta baby carrier with young baby

Connecta baby back carry using the hip scoot method (6 months plus)

Buckle carrier trouble shooting. Blog post by Sheffield sling library


Woven wrap tutorials

Front wrap cross carry – FWCC with newborn

Front wrap cross carry – FWCC with older baby/toddler
Short or simple wrap cross carry
Short or simple wrap cross carry with variations
Front cross carry -FCC with knotless finish

How to tie a slipknot

Kangaroo carry
Poppins hip carry
Robins hip carry
Coolest Hip Cross Carry – CHCC
Pre-tied CHCC

Tying a wrap using back carries

How to get baby on your back aka Superman Toss
Rucksack – ruck
Rucksack ruck with lexi twist
Rucksack ruck tied under bum
Rucksack tied tibetan
Reinforced Ruck, tibetan tie
Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack carry –  RRRR
Jordans back carry
Back wrap cross carry with small baby – BWCC
Back wrap cross carry – BWCC with ruck straps
Double hammock – Chunei carry
Secured high back carry – SHBC
Secured high back carry – SHBC with a newborn
Torso carry
Torso cross carry
Tandem carry with one wrap, BWCC and FCC

How to wear a pouch sling
Tummy to tummy, shoulder flip
Kangaroo carry
Breastfeeding in a pouch
Fitting guidance, safety and tips produced by and for Peanut Shell but relevant to all pouches

 How to tie a ring sling

How to thread a ringsling
Front carry, Forward facing 3-6 months only
Front carry, Newborn tummy to tummy and nursing position
Front carry, Newborn tummy to tummy
Front carry, Older baby tummy to tummy legs out

Front Carry. Newborn with Legs out
Front carry, cradle carry
Front carry, hip carry
How to breastfeed in a ringsling
Back carry

How to tie a Mei Tai

Front Carry ( Newborn)
Front carry (3 months+)
Front carry (6 months+)

How to get back on you back – Hip Scoot
Hip carry
Back carry – High Back carry, straps tied tibetan
Getting baby off your back

Onbuhimo – Onbu front carry

Onbuhimo- Onbu Back Carry

Waistless –  Onbu back tibetan tie carry